Waste Management Services

GreenFill facilities allow waste generators to give back to the communities in which they live, while doing a better job managing their waste and significantly reducing their long term waste liability.

Class II Industrial Waste and Class II Daily Cover Soils

008GreenFill manages all types of non-Dangerous Oilfield Waste (DOW) and non-Hazardous (Haz)  waste earthen materials at our numerous partner landfills and GreenFill Treatment FacilitiesTM.

Non-DOW/Non-Hazardous Receiving Facilities




DOW and Hazardous Earthen Waste

Class I Landfill Disposal is Not Your Only Option!

GreenFill also accepts earthen materials classified as Dangerous Oilfield Waste* (DOW) and Hazardous Waste* for treatment to Non-DOW/Non-Haz specs at select GreenFill Treatment Facilities.  The treated waste is subsequently reused as cover in our partner Class II Municipal Landfill Cells or safely disposed in our partner on-site Class II Industrial Cells.

DOW/Hazardous Receiving Facilities

* As defined by TCLP BTEX and Flashpoint.

Getting Started

Which GreenFill Facility will work for you?

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Types of Wastes Considered (all or in part) at select GreenFill Treatment SitesTM where applicable:

  • SCH (soil impacted with only Gasoline, Kerosene, Jet Fuel or Diesel Fuel, or any combination of them)
  • Debris and Soil Contaminated with Crude Oil and Condensate
  • Soils and Sludges from a Total Recovery Disposal Facility
  • Debris and Soil Contaminated with Chemicals or Solvents
  • Drilling Sump Materials Containing Hydrocarbons
  • Flare Pit Sludge
  • Hydrocarbon Sludge
  • Process Sludge
  • Drilling Cement – Dry
  • Debris and Soil Contaminated with Produced Water

Trucking and Clean Fill

Trucking Service

Cut your transportation costs through our preferred Trucking Partnerships.

Don’t Make the Return Trip Empty

GreenFill offers convenient and cost effective backfill soil from non-impacted sources (lab available).

Please inquire when you apply.

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