Daily Cover Solutions for your Landfill

Municipalities often underestimate how much daily cover they require throughout the life of their Class II MSW landfill and consequently operate with massive soil deficits in attempts to maximize airspace over their liner system.  Municipalities are often forced to use their own onsite soil for daily cover which can lead to a deficit of final closure material at the end of their landfill life cycle.

In addition to annual operational revenue for your municipality, GreenFill Treatment Sites provide your landfill operations with a no cost source of daily and intermediate cover for MSW operations.

If your landfill is an Approved Class II Landfill, GreenFill also sources outside daily cover candidates that don’t require treatment for direct reuse on a revenue share basis. We handle all the QA/QC, risk analyses, sampling, receiving of waste and manifesting to protect your municipality.

Please also ask us about our new industrial cell initiatives that can create greater revenue for your municipality while mitigating risk!

To learn more, please fill in a Municipal Inquiry Form or call us at 403-331-3035. We look forward to speaking with you!

GreenFill Treatment Site™ Features

How the GreenFill Treatment Process Works:

Ridgeline treats waste as its GreenFill Treatment Sites™ to regulated specifications, making it safe for reuse as cover in Class II type Approved Municipal Landfill (MSW) Cells or disposal into Class II type Approved Industrial Cells. GreenFill Treatment Sites™ handle many types of oilfield and non-oilfield waste for treatment and reuse or treatment and disposal.  Acceptable wastes also include select DOW and Hazardous Earthen Type Materials including DOW / Hazardous soils, that can’t be directly disposed into Class II landfills without treatment.

Natural Oilfield Waste Treatment

Ridgeline’s GreenFill Treatment Sites™ create ideal conditions for naturally occurring bacteria and micro-organisms to break down the hydrocarbons within contaminated soil into C02 and water. Biological, mechanical and/or chemical treatment takes place within cells of similar types of waste. In addition, volatilization or off-gassing is minimized in treatment cell construction, operation and maintenance.

Total Waste Management

All wastes are managed and segregated upon arrival and treated or recycled according to intended end-use. All wastes are thoroughly characterized through GreenFill’s regulatory-compliant screening and sampling program, and handled specifically for intended land use.

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