Location (LSD): NE 1/4 27-007-20 W3M

SMOE Permit #00060377-00-00


9:00 am – 4:30 pm Tuesday – Saturday

Extended Hours 

Available upon request with advance notice.

Acceptable Wastes

Non Hazardous
Non Dangerous Oilfield Solid Wastes

Analysis Required

  • pH
  • Chloride (mg/kg)
  • Flashpoint
  • Paint Filter
  • BTEX, F1-F4 (mg-kg)
  • Total Metals
  • TCLP Metals
  • Particle Size

General Information

Ridgeline GreenFill accepts non-hazardous and non-dangerous oilfield solid waste soils on behalf of Southwest Waste Management Authority. Ridgeline accepts soils that meet daily and final cover site specific criteria set out by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. Backfill is available upon request.

*Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (Federal)