Location (LSD): SW 13-050-28 W3M

SMOE Permit #P011-120

7:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Extended Hours
Available upon request with advance notice.

Acceptable Wastes
Impacted Soils, Oilfield and Non-Oilfield earthen like materials.

Hazardous and Dangerous Oilfield Waste/ Dangerous Goods*
may be considered for acceptance if failing flashpoint and/or TCLP BTEX.

Analysis Required
*Please note: a pass or fail regarding some of the required parameters does not necessitate waste rejection.

  • pH
  • Chloride (mg/kg)
  • Flashpoint
  • Paint Filter
  • BTEX, F1-F4 (mg-kg)
  • Total Metals
  • TCLP Metals
  • Particle Size

General Information
Ridgeline GreenFill Treatment Sites™ manage and treat materials to meet both landfill cover criteria and unconditional land use criteria at the City of Lloydminster Landfill, an approved facility of the Ministry of Environment’s Industrial Branch. Backfill is available upon request.

*Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (Federal)