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Ridgeline GreenFill specializes in the development of Remediation, Reuse and Safe Disposal strategies at our Regulatory approved facilities for earthen materials impacted by oilfield and industrial activities.

GreenFill is the ONLY Waste Service provider that provides generators a true turnkey off-site alternative to direct landfill disposal of their earthen waste and waste soils. Unlike other waste receiving options, GreenFill actively categorizes and subsequently treats and/or reuses the waste it receives while significantly reducing the associated waste liability for the client and protecting its municipal partner.

All wastes are managed and segregated upon arrival and treated or recycled according to the intended end-use. In addition, all wastes are thoroughly characterized through GreenFill’s regulatory compliant sampling program and handled specifically for the intended end-use.  All GreenFill facilities and partner landfills are approved by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD) in Alberta and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment (SMOE) in Saskatchewan.

Let’s Get Started

Getting started in 6 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Submit Waste Application & Associated Lab Analysis
  • Step 2: GreenFill Facility Selection and Pricing
  • Step 3: GreenFill Issues Acceptance Letter
  • Step 4: Submit logistical information to GreenFill for Pre-Printed Manifests
  • Step 5: Arrange for pick up or delivery of Pre-Printed Manifests
  • Step 6: Start hauling material to your nearest Approved GreenFill Facility

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